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unitbattery has a free OEM service for lithium ion battery pack and lithium polymer battery pack

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Customized Battery Pack Inquiry Form

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Li-Ion, Polymer

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Battery Pack Capacity  ( AH)

Max. Discharging current (A)

Estimated Wattage in your DC Device

Continuous  Discharging  Current (A)

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Battery Size requirement ( millimetre (mm.)) ( L*W*H)

Duration of Pulse Current (ms)

Wire Length  ( mm. )

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How many packs do you need? (pcs)

If customized pack is made by cylinder Cell,   Pls use the following green round circles to make drawing.  If you need more circles, please click and drag one from right corner.

 lithium ion battery pack  lithium ion battery pack cell-1 lithium ion battery pack cell-2 lithium ion battery pack cell-3

 lithium ion battery pack cell-5 lithium ion battery pack cell -6

If custom pack is made by prismatic cell ( Polymer Li-Ion ),  Please use the following gray rectangular to make drawing.  If you need more rectangular, please click and drag one from right corner.

 lithium polymer battery pack

 lithium polymer battery pack-1

You can make simple hand drawings by any methods and E-mail it back to us at sales@unitbattery.com


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