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How to weld circuit board with the Lithium Ion battery cell

How to weld circuit board with the Lithium Ion battery cell


           When assembling lithium ion battery,The Lithium Ion battery cell must be connected to the battery circuit board,so welding processes is very important to weld circuit board and the Lithium Ion battery cell.so we have to put the circuit board into the battery clamps when we are welding.

Then spot welding the battery cell nickel belt.Solid and reliable spot welding, welding tension, welding time, welding position are very particular important.details as follows:

We need put the Lithium Ion battery cell and Lithium Ion battery on the clean table before connecting. And adjust the position of spot welding nickel plate with the spot welding fixture.

Adjust the machine parameters of battery spot welding, spot welding  was the best state:Two welding  point must be the same size, no burning black, burr, pull measuring more than 2.0kgf.


  Hands thumb, index finger, middle finger wear rubber; wear anti-static ring, and confirm its good performance.


 Make sure the battery circuit board welding materials is used to meet environmental requirements

IPQC first inspection after passing can have the bulk spot welding.

Checking: Take the batteries, check the nickel positive electrode plate and batteries spot welding firm, no skew, no burned black, no burr.




Battery circuit board and battery welding operation process:

① left hand put the protective plate element facing to up, "B-" to the right side,put the spot welding fixture into the  structure.

putting batteries positive and negative nickel plate respectively aligned with the protective plate positive and negative touch sheet An fixture structure into which the appropriate force to suppress the negative batteries nickel piece, spot welding spot welding positioning pin, depress the foot spot-engine firm (spot welding time).


Rearward movement of fixtures, spot positioning pin spot welding, spot welding firmly depress the foot engine again.



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