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Lithium ion Polymer battery performance

Lithium ion Polymer battery performance

The "Standard Charge" means charging the Battery with initial charge current 10mA and with constant voltage 4.2V, then constant voltage(4.2V )with floating current taper to 5mA cut-off (Charger for exclusive use lithium ion rechargeable battery, with an accuracy (4.2+/-0.02V) for most 8 hours.

The capacity means the discharge capacity of the battery, which is measured with discharge current 10mA with 3.0V cut-off within 0.5 hour after the Standard Charge.

Each cycle is an interval between the charge (charge current 10mA) CC 10mA to 4.2V, CV to 5mA , stop 30min and discharge (discharge current 10mA) with 3.0V cutoff, stop 30min .Capacity after 300cycles and plus 1 day, measured under the same conditions stated in 4.2.

Impedance shall be measured by a sinusoidal alternating current method. Internal resistance measured at 1KHz after 50% charge

Storage Characteristic

  • The battery is charged and discharged using 10mA at 25±2. The discharge capacity is C1. The battery is stored for 28 days in 25 ±5 after fully charged and then is discharged using 10mA at 25±2. The capacity is defined as C2.
  • After the test as the battery is cycled for 3 times using 10mA at 25±2 The maximum discharge capacity is C3.
As long as the cell is treated in accordance with this Product Specification and / or Handling Precautions and Prohibitions, Supplier warrants that the cell should be free from any defect for a period of 12 months (25 or less) from the date of shipment or for 300 cycles, whichever comes earlier.



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